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SEO For Beginners How To Get Free Traffic From GOOGLE in 2022

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You are a newbie who has just created a website or blog. You use search engines to find your material but can’t find it? You don’t have any visitors to your blog? So, what’s the issue? Here’s a little secret: it’s SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).

Follow this tutorial to learn how to get your page to the top page of Google, because who goes past page two? I have no idea what’s there, do you? I guess not.
So, how will visitors find your page and begin visiting and reading your content? How will you rank first while competing with thousand of different websites?

By the way do you know how many blogs are posted everyday? ever wondered about the number? I guess not. Here I’ll show the results

No. of Blogs Published Every Day 2022
No. of Blogs Published Every Day 2022

As a result, competition is fierce! How should you differentiate yourself and rank your blogs and websites high in order to obtain more views and visitors? If you want to know please read the article.

What exactly is SEO?

Go ahead and search for anything; you’ll notice that some pages rank higher than others. Do you know why? This is how SEO works.

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is the method or approach you must employ in order for people to find your blogs online via engine searches and receive free visits, also known as “organic listing.”

Let me clarify further and go into more depth.

When attempting to achieve good SEO, three variables must be considered: you, the search engine, and the searcher(the end user). When you publish a new blog piece, you want to rank it at the top so that others can find it.

What are the advantages of SEO and how can it benefit you?

Should I spend my time on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Is there any genuine value in SEO? Is SEO a critical aspect in business growth? Business owners who want to expand their firm through a range of digital marketing platforms should consider the advantages of organic internet searchability.

Below listed are some top benefits that you can get while doing SEO:

  • SEO boosts organic discovery and high-quality website traffic.
  • SEO Provides a High ROI
  • SEO Increases Credibility and Trust
  • SEO focuses on the entire marketing funnel.

What are types of SEO


On-page SEO and off-page SEO are the two types of SEOs.

Consider having a local tea shop in your hometown. To keep your firm going, you must complete two tasks. First, you must attract customers by making the design of your establishment appealing. Then, in order for them to be loyal consumers, you must supply them with nice and tasty tea. Right?

You may be wondering what a tea shop has to do with SEO. My friend, please be patient.

Producing good on-page SEO is the same as making good coffee. People will stay on your page because of the design, value, and keywords in your content. While designing your coffee shop to attract customers is similar to off-page SEO to help Google and other search engines rank your website,

On Page Optimization

Optimization of Web Pages: You should concentrate on three key aspects of on-page SEO. The first and most critical consideration is your content! CONTENT IS THE KING!


Why is content important? Because content reigns supreme. Researchers would be overjoyed if they could find all of the information they needed in a single publication.

Go ahead and Google “easy homemade pizza sauce” (I’m hungry). Google will make every effort to provide you with the greatest article that discusses the best recipe with minimal ingredients and less time to create. Very nice.

It does not show you the best pizza joints in town; instead, it shows you exactly what you requested.

This is why you must provide outstanding content in order for Google and your readers to value what you offer.

Design/ Structure Of Your Content

We’re not talking about the design that entices search engines to rank your page here; we’ll get to that later. We’re discussing the design of your content.

It is critical that the header of your post, the names you employ, and the overall organisation of your content are understandable to your reader. In short there should be only 1 H1 tag on your page and the paragraphs should contain max 2-3 sentences.

Also your focus keywords should appear in headings and subheadings. Apart from these you should also take care if your content reliability i.e. you should include internal/ external links inside your content.

Furthermore, optimising alt text of your photos is critical. Images are used to visually communicate your message.

Make sure to include captions and descriptions with your photographs. Use keywords in your description to help the search engine analyse the image, and it will be listed for that precise keyword. This will improve the overall rating of the article for that specific term.

This practice is known as Reverse Image Search.


Keywords, like design and content, are the heart and soul of On Page SEO; if you forget to conduct keyword research, your On Page SEO plan may fail.

What exactly are keywords? Keywords are the terms that people will employ when conducting research.

When attempting to rank higher, always utilise particular keywords. For example, “best homemade pizza sauce” is more specific than “pizza sauce.” You understand what I mean.

There are numerous free tools available to assist you in selecting keywords properly.

But be careful not to overuse keywords. Use it in your page names, URL links, and portions of your body text. Keywords in your text should be used sparingly, this is termed as Keyword Density.

Keyword Density: The number of times a keyword appears on a given webpage or within a piece of content as a ratio or percentage of the overall word count is referred to as keyword density. This is also known as keyword frequency, or the frequency with which a particular keyword appears on a webpage.

Make sure your keyword density is between 1% and 1.5% to earn full marks on this test. If you go overboard and surpass a keyword density of 2.5%, you will be penalised.

For eg: if you write a 800 word article on search engine optimization tools with focus keyword search engine optimization tools 2022, then it should be repeated around 8-12 times for a minimal score.

Going above this range will not fool search engines and may actually lower your rating.

Off-Page Optimization

After we’ve completed a good on-page game, we’ll move on to the stage where we entice Google to rank our page from external sources. Many elements have a role in this, some of which are listed below.


Any search engine considers a page with many links pointing to it to be very important. This is the purpose of backlinks. Backlinks are used to build authority to your blog/website.

It acts as a gateway to build a good domain authority of a website. But for this we have to take initiative if your blog/website is in the early stages of the blogging/business.

Contact other blog owners about exchanging backlinks. However, prioritise quality over quantity. It is more vital to have a very reputable corporation known by many people backlink to your site than to have many unread pages backlink to you.

SEO professionals feel that important blogs discuss important blogs. As a result, if you have high-quality backlinks, Google will rank your website higher.

If you still feel lost, don’t worry we’ll soon post a hand-curated guide/steps to create quality backlinks easily. Bookmark đź“‘our website and stay tuned.

Page Speed And Bounce Rate

The most important part of off page SEO is your page speed and your bounce rate.

off page seo: page speed

You must be wondering why I put this image of cyclist before explaining page speed. Yes, you guessed it right! it’s just for the SEO, remember I told you earlier “Images are used to visually communicate your message”. Now you have a live example.

Anyway back to the topic, let’s be honest. When was the last time you waited a minute for a page to load? Or how about 20 seconds? Or 40 seconds maybe? That’s right, you can’t recall anything. Google understands that time is the most valuable commodity in life.

Hence this can affect your page ranking as google tracks the bounce rate:

Bounce rate is the percentage of all sessions on your site in which people viewed only a single page and prompted only a single request to the Analytics server divided by all sessions.

Milliseconds Make Millions


SEOs now consider your website’s security to be a crucial factor in its ranking.

Furthermore, if you open a non-secure page with Google Chrome, you will see a frightening warning. People will leave your website after seeing the warning. And now that Chrome is the most popular browser on the planet, this is a major issue.

Make sure your website begins with HTTPS. What does this imply? It means that all data exchanged between your website and its visitors is always encrypted. You can accomplish this by adding an SSL certificate to your website.

before vs after ssl

This is a snapshot of the change in website after installing SSL.

Also you should monitor your site health with plugins like Word Fence etc. This can help you monitor malicious IPs and check your spam activities.

Follow this guide to setup SSL for your website. We will soon come up with a full guide on how to setup a paid SSL and a free SSL. Bookmark đź“‘our website and stay tuned.

Thankyou for reading. Please ask questions (if any) or give your reviews in the comment below.

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