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How To Start Reading In 2022 And Make It A Long Term Habit.

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“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” — J.K. Rowling

Reading is a brain gym, it helps you have better communication with friends and strangers, it fights cognitive decline as you grow older and it helps to control stress and have better sleep, not only that it also helps you to witness things differently. You may not even look at your surroundings the way readers do. So, if you haven’t been one of a reader till now don’t worry this article is just for you. And if you’re thinking I’m late to start reading then remember,


Before I provide you with elixir for developing the habit to start reading daily I want to point out few challenges every reader face while reading books. Below listed are some common challenges and how to overcome it.

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Poor Comprehension

We perform many complex tasks without even realising it, by reading a single blog article like this one. We tend to skim through and through the paragraphs quick due to many reasons, this happens when you read a book too. It may happen due to several reasons maybe the book’s too interesting and you want to know what happens in the next chapter as soon as possible, maybe you find it boring and want to end it soon.

Whatever might be the case when a beginner finally picks up a book to read, they skip over the words they don’t understand or that are simply too difficult to comprehend. This is one of the main reasons you can’t understand those long paragraphs.

Skim- Skimming is reading rapidly in order to get a general overview of the material. You don’t read line by line in this technique.

Overcoming this

If you can’t comprehend a word try making sense of it through reading the full sentence first, then google the meaning. By not Googling the definition first and instead attempting to understand through reading, you’re teaching your brain to feel at ease anytime it encounters a new term.

And if you find 4–5 words that you can’t comprehend in a sentence then it’s not your fault, it’s just that the book isn’t beginners friendly. You don’t have to be choosy and read all of Shakespeare’s works right away. Accept that you’re a newbie and choose something simple to understand. Don’t know how to find beginners friendly books? Don’t worry I’ll be listing out the authors to read as a suggestion below, so stay tuned.

Short Attention Span

You’ve just started reading and you haven’t even read a single chapter successfully but you find yourself already distracted and totally lost on how did you get distracted on the first place.


When you are reading, it’s not just digesting the information that matters, you also need to grab the idea, just try creating images out of the chapters you read. For instance, if you start reading a book and you came to reading a chapter where a guy is sitting on a porch reading a book as the supporting characters talk to him, visualize a porch with a guy sitting on it.

If you can’t picture it, try Googling porch to see what it looks like; it’ll just take a second, but it’ll keep your mind occupied while you read. This will become a subconscious activity over time, and you will no longer have to think about visualizing anything.

Slow Speed

If your reading pace is terrible and you avoid reading because of it or you hesitate to start reading because of it, don’t worry, I’ve been there. My reading pace was embarrassingly slow.

I tried a variety of methods to boost my reading pace, but each one had a cost. In the end, all I can say is don’t put too much emphasis on your reading speed; you can be a slow reader who thoroughly appreciates each chapter of the book. And as time passes, you’ll see that your pace has accelerated. However, if you still want to attempt reading faster, I only have one recommendation for you:

At first, you could try breaking the chapters down into smaller chunks and completing them as a task rather than a pleasure. It won’t be simple at first, and it may even appear to be a nuisance. Everything will become easier as you get into the “flow.” But that will take away the good part of reading.

Remember, reading is not a race. If you’re having trouble reading, it’s possible that you’re feeling this way because you’re reading faster than you should. Speed is important, but not at the expense of comprehension.

As a result, take the time to read the words you don’t understand and look them up to gain a better understanding. Rather than eating the pizza in one bite, take small bites and enjoy the aroma of oregano and cheese as it slowly melts inside your mouth.

With these all the major issues that a reader face is tackled, now lets come to the good part. How to pick up the right book for the beginners?

I’ll come back to the quote mentioned at the beginning of article again,

“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” — J.K. Rowling

This quote reminds some of us of the books we spent so much time reading and re-reading. For others, it’s a guarantee that there’s a book out there that will blow your mind!

benjamin dada EDZTb2SQ6j0 unsplash scaled
Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash

To find the books to start reading and will help you forget about the rest of the world, you must develop the habit of active scanning. The best books for beginners to read are quick, simple English novels, easy reads with small-medium sized chapters. For instance try picking up easy to read writers like Paulo Coelho, Collen Hoover, Matt Haig, Khalid Hosseini, Jennifer Niven etc.

If you can’t pick an author to start with then pick up a genre. What’s a genre?
A genre is simply a style or category of literature. How to find out the right genre to read then?. You could try Googling all of the literary genres to find the ones you want, but that would be a lot of work.

Simply connect this to your daily life, ask yourself what type of movies do you like to watch? is it Action? Romance? Comedy? Or horror? Then after you’ve got the answer to this question go straight to Goodreads ( it’s the best website to find books to read that are beginners friendly) search your genre and then go through the books and pickup the one you think you’ll like. That’s how you start reading. That how I started reading.

To assist, I’ll write an article soon and list all of the genres in one place, as well as recommend a few beginner-friendly books.

I’ll create a list of books recommended to beginners to read in my next article ( it will help to start reading if you don’t know anything about where to find books) but before that you should know that reading styles differ from person to person, so it’s not necessary that you may find everything suggested to you interesting. However, if you make an effort to find and read the book, who knows, you might find it worthwhile.

Final words

reading bear
Reading Bear ( Courtesy: Google)

Reading is a simple, relaxing way to pass the time, but it is a habit that must be developed and once you start reading you’ll never look back. Many people find it difficult to concentrate on a book because it requires more patience than a TV show, movie, or video game.

Furthermore, reading is not as difficult as many people believe. There are also numerous advantages to reading that you can discover. So, make reading a habit and you’ll notice a difference. You should start reading and see the difference yourself.

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