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Every Thing To Know About The FIFA WORLD CUP 2022

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Where will FIFA 2022 be held? The 22nd FIFA World Cup will begin on November 21 in Doha, Qatar, with Senegal taking against the Netherlands at the Al Thumama Stadium.

The Hosting

FIFA world cup 2022
Photo by Radoslaw Prekurat on Unsplash

The bidding process for the FIFA World Cups in 2018 and 2022 began in January 2009, and national associations had until February 2nd, 2009, to express their interest. Eleven proposals were initially submitted for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, however Mexico later withdrew from the process, while Indonesia’s bid was rejected by FIFA in February 2010 when the Indonesian Football Association failed to present a letter of Indonesian government guarantee to back the bid.

Until Qatar was granted the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Indonesian officials had not ruled out a bid for the 2026 tournament. Throughout the bidding process, all non-UEFA nations eventually withdrew their 2018 bids, ensuring that a UEFA nation would host the tournament and putting UEFA nations ineligible for the competition.

In the end, five bids for the 2022 FIFA World Cup were submitted: Australia, Japan, Qatar, South Korea, and the United States. On December 2, 2010, the FIFA Executive Committee of twenty-two members met in Zürich to vote on who would host both tournaments. Two FIFA executive committee members were suspended before to the voting due to allegations of vote tampering. The decision to hold the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which was classified as having “high operational risk,” sparked outrage among media critics.

Qatar was awarded the bid to host the FIFA World Cup 2022TM on December 2, 2010. Since then, Qatar has been focused only on delivering flawless infrastructure for the most anticipated football tournament. It is the first time a Middle Eastern country has hosted such an event, and Qatar is going above and beyond to ensure that 2017 football World Cup is the best sporting event ever.

With only a few months until the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar, the matches will be played in eight gorgeous venues, each with its own distinct character. All of the sites are within a 21-mile radius of central Doha and are easily accessible by metro.

Qatar is the smallest nation by area ever to be awarded a FIFA World Cup 2022; the next lowest by area is Switzerland, which hosted the 1954 FIFA World Cup and is more than three times the size of Qatar and only required to host 16 teams instead of the current 32. Qatar also became only the second country (after Uruguay and Italy, hosts of the first two World Cups) to be awarded a FIFA World Cup despite never qualifying for a previous edition: Japan was awarded co-hosting rights to the 2002 World Cup in 1996 despite never qualifying for the finals, though they did qualify for the 1998 World Cup.

Teams In The World Cup

russia 3037142 1920
Image by Tayeb MEZAHDIA from Pixabay

24 of the 32 nations qualified to compete in the 2022 FIFA World Cup competed in the previous edition in 2018. Qatar is the sole team playing in their inaugural FIFA World Cup, becoming the first hosts to do so since Italy in 1934. As a result, the 2022 World Cup will be the first in which none of the teams who qualified for the event will be making their debut.

After missing the competition in 2018, the Netherlands, Ecuador, Ghana, Cameroon, and the United States returned. Canada returned after a 36-year absence, their previous outing being in 1986. Wales made its first appearance after 64 years, a record for a European squad, with their sole previous appearance being in 1958.

After FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifiers, All 32 teams have officially qualified for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. On June 13 and 14, the intercontinental playoff winners took the final two spots. 13 European nations qualified for the tournament, as did four from South America, four from Asia, five from Africa, four from North America, and Australia, which is a part of the Asian confederation. FIFA World Cup 2022 list and FIFA World Cup 2022 groups:

World Cup Groups

Group A

A1: Qatar A2: Ecuador A3: Senegal A4: Netherlands

Group B

B1: England B2: Iran B3: USA B4: Wales

Group C

C1: Argentina C2: Saudi Arabia C3: Mexico C4: Poland

Group D

D1: France D2: Australia D3: Denmark D4: Tunisia

Group E

E1: Spain E2: Costa Rica E3: Germany E4: Japan

Group F

F1: Belgium F2: Canada F3: Morocco F4: Croatia

Group G

G1: Brazil G2: Serbia G3: Switzerland G4: Cameroon

Group H

H1: Portugal H2: Ghana H3: Uruguay H4: South Korea

FIFA World Cup 2022 Venues

The 64-match competition will be held at eight different venues in Qatar. The tournament will begin in Al Bayt Stadium, with the final taking place on December 18 at Lusail Stadium, the largest of the eight venues. The first five proposed World Cup venues were announced in early March 2010. The stadiums will be designed to reflect Qatar’s historical and cultural aspects, as well as to achieve the following criteria: legacy, comfort, accessibility, and sustainability.

The stadiums will be outfitted with cooling systems that seek to reduce temperatures within the stadium by up to 20 °C (36 °F), though it is unclear whether this will be effective in open-air stadiums. Their marketing includes comments identifying the stadiums as Zero Waste, and the upper decks of the stadiums will be demolished and gifted to countries with less developed sports infrastructure after the World Cup.

Stadium 974

Stadium 974

Stadium 974 has been unveiled and will host its inaugural match on November 30th. The stadium’s creative architecture is inspired by Qatar’s global trade and seafaring and is located in Doha port, immediately opposite the beautiful West Bay skyline. With a 40,000-capacity stadium composed of shipping containers and modular steel, it will be the first demountable event venue in FIFA World CupTM history.

Al Bayt Stadium

Al Bayt Stadium

Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, 35 kilometres north of Doha, will host nine 2022 World Cup 2022 matches, including the tournament’s opening match on November 21, 2022. The Stadium, which is built in the shape of a Bedouin tent, can hold 60,000 people. The capacity of Al Khor to bring cultures together made it an obvious choice to host the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM.

Lusail Stadium

Lusail Stadium

The shape of Lusail Stadium is inspired by bowls, jars, and art pieces used throughout the Middle East for millennia. The World Cup final will be held here, 15 kilometers north of Doha’s center. It boasts an 80,000-person capacity arena with a muted gold exterior that will eventually inspire thoughts of rusted metalwork.

Khalifa International Stadium

Khalifa International Stadium

The sole venue that existed before Qatar was granted the World Cup was built in 1976 in Al Rayyan. It is a multi-purpose stadium, sometimes known as the “National Stadium,” featuring a 40,000-seat arena. The stadium serves as the Qatar national football team’s home pitch. In addition, the 2004 Gulf Cup of Nations and the 2006 Asian Games were held here.

Education City Stadium

Education City Stadium
Courtesy Courtesy of SC

The stadium, a bustling center for education and innovation with 40,000 seats, will host one of the quarterfinals. Fans can travel here by car or subway. Triangles generate complicated mathematical patterns like diamonds on the façade, which change color as the sun moves across the sky. The façade comes alive at night with a vivid light show, making it even more remarkable.

Al Thumama Stadium

Al Thumama Stadium

Al Thumama Stadium, with a capacity of 40,000, is located 12 kilometers south of Doha’s sparkling cityscape and adjacent to the city’s Hamad International Airport. It will host matches leading up to and including the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM. The stadiums’ round shape is reminiscent of the Gahfiya, a woven hat worn by men and boys in West Asia.

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

The stadium, nicknamed as the “portal to the desert,” contains 40,000 seats and is located on the outskirts of the desert. Its most stunning feature is a luminous façade made up of designs that represent different characteristics of the country. Twilight adds another dimension to the scene, as some surrounding structures glisten and welcome guests from afar. The stadium is flanked by a major shopping center that fans may readily reach.



The 40,000-seat stadium in Al Wakrah, Saudi Arabia, was inspired by traditional fishing and pearl diving boats. Fans will be met by magnificent greenery and the arena’s exquisite architecture as they approach the stadium.

What date is 2022 World Cup?

Below are FIFA World Cup 2022 dates and fixtures:

Group Stage Matches

November 21Senegal vs Netherlands 3:30 PMAl Thumama Stadium, Doha
November 21England vs Iran6:30 PMKhalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan
November 21Qatar vs Ecuador9:30 PMAl Bayt Stadium, Al Kohr
November 22 USA vs Wales 12:30 AMAhmad bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan
November 22Argentina vs Saudi Arabia 3:30 PMLusail Stadium, Lusail
November 22Denmark vs Tunisia6:30 PMEducation City Stadium, Al Rayyan
November 22Mexico vs Poland9:30 PMStadium 974, Doha
November 23France vs Australia12:30 AM Al Janoub Stadium, Al Wakrah
November 23Morocco vs Croatia3:30 PMAl Bayt Stadium, Al Kohr
November 23Germany vs Japan6:30 PMKhalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan
November 23 Spain vs Costa Rica9:30 PMAl Thumama Stadium, Doha
November 24Belgium vs Canada12:30 AMAhmad bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan
November 24Switzerland vs Cameroon3:30 PMAl Janoub Stadium, Al Wakrah
November 24Uruguay vs South Korea6:30 PMEducation City Stadium, Al Rayyan
November 24Portugal vs Ghana9:30 PMStadium 974, Doha
November 25Brazil vs Serbia12:30 AMLusail Stadium, Lusail
November 25Wales vs Iran 3:30 PMAhmad bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan
November 25Qatar vs Senegal6:30 PMAl Thumama Stadium, Doha
November 25Netherlands vs Ecuador9:30 PMKhalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan
November 26England vs USA 12:30 AMAl Bayt Stadium, Al Kohr
November 26Tunisia vs Australia3:30 PMAl Janoub Stadium, Al Wakrah
November 26Poland vs Saudi Arabia6:30 PMEducation City Stadium, Al Rayyan
November 26France vs Denmark9:30 PMStadium 974, Doha
November 27Argentina vs Mexico 12:30 AMLusail Stadium, Lusail
November 27Japan vs Costa Rica3:30 PMAhmad bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan
November 27Belgium vs Morocco6:30 PMAl Thumama Stadium, Doha
November 27Croatia vs Canada 9:30 PMKhalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan
November 28Spain vs Germany 12:30 AMAl Bayt Stadium, Al Kohr
November 28Cameroon vs Serbia3:30 PMAl Janoub Stadium, Al Wakrah
November 28South Korea vs Ghana6:30 PMEducation City Stadium, Al Rayyan
November 28Brazil vs Switzerland9:30 PMStadium 974, Doha
November 29Portugal vs Uruguay12:30 AMLusail Stadium, Lusail
November 29Netherlands vs Qatar8:30 PMAl Bayt Stadium, Al Kohr
November 29Ecuador vs Senegal8:30 PMKhalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan
November 30Wales vs England 12:30 AMAhmad bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan
November 30Iran vs USA12:30 AMAl Thumama Stadium, Doha
November 30Tunisia vs France8:30 PMEducation City Stadium, Al Rayyan
November 30Australia vs Denmark8:30 PMAl Janoub Stadium, Al Wakrah
December 1Poland vs Argentina12:30 AMStadium 974, Doha
December 1Saudi Arabia vs Mexico12:30 AMLusail Stadium, Lusail
December 1Croatia vs Belgium8:30 PMAhmad bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan
December 1Canada vs Morocco8:30 PMAl Thumama Stadium, Doha
December 2Japan vs Spain 12:30 AMKhalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan
December 2Costa Rica vs Germany 12:30 AMAl Bayt Stadium, Al Kohr
December 2South Korea vs Portugal 8:30 PMEducation City Stadium, Al Rayyan
December 2Ghana vs Uruguay8:30 PMAl Janoub Stadium, Al Wakrah
December 3Cameroon vs Brazil12:30 AMLusail Stadium, Lusail
December 3Serbia vs Switzerland12:30 AMStadium 974, Doha

FIFA World Cup 2022 Knockout fixtures

December 3 8:30 PM Round of 16(1) Winners Group A vs Runners-up Group BKhalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan
December 3 10:30 PM Round of 16(2) Winners Group C vs Runners-up Group DAhmad bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan
December 48:30 PMRound of 16(3) Winners Group D vs Runners-up Group CAl Thumama Stadium, Doha
December 410:30 PMRound of 16(4)Winners Group B vs Runners-up Group AAl Bayt Stadium, Al Khor
December 58:30 PMRound of 16(5)Winners Group E vs Runners-up Group FAl Janoub Stadium, Al Wakrah
December 510:30 PM Round of 16(6)Winners Group G vs Runners-up Group HStadium 974, Doha
December 68:30 PMRound of 16(7)Winners Group F vs Runners-up Group EEducation City Stadium, Al Rayyan
December 610:30 PMRound of 16(8)Winners Group H vs Runners-up Group GLusail Stadium, Lusail
December 98:30 PMQuarter-final 1Winners Round of 16(5) vs Winners Round of 16(6)Education City Stadium, Al Rayyan
December 910:30 PM Quarter-final 2Winners Round of 16(1) vs Winners of Round of 16(2)Lusail Stadium, Lusail
December 10 8:30 PMQuarter-final 3Winners Round of 16(7) vs Winners Round of 16(8)Al Thumama Stadium, Doha
December 10 10:30 PMQuarter-final 4Winners Round of 16(3) vs Winners Round of 16(4)Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor
December 13 10:30 PMSemi-final 1Winners Quarterfinal 2 vs Winners Quarterfinal 1Lusail Stadium, Lusail
December 1410:30 PMSemi-final 2Winners Quarterfinal 4 vs Winners Quarterfinal 3Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor
December 148:30 PMThird place play-offLosers Semifinal 1 vs Losers Semifinal 2Khalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan
December 188:30 PMFinalWinners Semifinal 1 vs Winners Semifinal 2Lusail Stadium, Lusail


Match ball

featured sq 2 1
Courtesy Adidas

On March 30, 2022, the official match ball, the “Al Rihla,” was introduced. It was mostly influenced by Qatar’s culture, architecture, famous boats, and flag. The word Al Rihla means “the trip” in Arabic. The ball was developed with water-based glues and inks, making it the first official match ball made with water-based glues and inks.

Adidas employed certain new features to offer speed and improve ball accuracy as “the game gets faster” and “speeds up.”

Official song

The tournament’s official song is “Hayya Hayya (Better Together),” sung by Trinidad Cardona, Davido, and AISHA, and was released on April 1, 2022, along with the music video.


Who is laeeb
Courtesy Foottheball

The official mascot of the tournament was revealed on April 1, 2022, during the group stage draw. Its name is La’eeb, which is an Arabic term that means “super-talented player.” According to FIFA’s official website, “La’eeb will be known for his youthful spirit; spreading joy and confidence wherever he goes,” and the character’s official backstory, published there, claims that it comes from a parallel world where tournament mascots live, “a world where ideas and creativity form the basis of characters that live in everyone’s minds.” 

FIFA World Cup Trophy

qatar world cup trophy qualified teams
Courtesy FIFA

The Jules Rimer Trophy has been awarded to the victors of the World Cup since its inception in 1930. Originally known as the ‘victory trophy,’ it was renamed in 1946 in honour of the competition’s initiator, Jules Rimet. The Jules Rimet trophy was awarded but not maintained by the winning team, and it was only given permanently if a team won the prize three times.

Brazil won their third title in 1970 and has maintained the trophy ever since. It was, however, stolen in 1983. In 1974, a replacement trophy was designed, and the current trophy was chosen; it has been used as the official World Cup trophy since 1974. Unlike the Jules Rimet trophy, this new trophy is not permanently awarded to teams, as the original trophy remains with FIFA. Instead, the victorious nations receive a gold-palladium bronze copy.

Qatar to have semi-automated technology for offside decisions

The deployment of semi-automated offside technology for the first time in a World Cup is scheduled to be a new element to the action at the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. With the introduction of goal-line technology in Brazil (2014) and the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in Russia, the biggest tournament in international football has provided the arena for technological developments over the years (2018).

With the addition of a technological edge to offside calls, football in Qatar may become more objective, if not more accurate, in terms of refereeing decisions.

“Semi-automated offside technology is an evolution of the VAR systems that have been implemented across the world,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

“This technology is the culmination of three years of dedicated research and testing to provide the very best for the teams, players and fans who will be heading to Qatar later this year, and FIFA is proud of this work, as we look forward to the world seeing the benefits of semi-automated offside technology at the FIFA World Cup 2022,” he added.

The semi-automated offside technology workflow and connected ball technology have been successfully trialled at various test events and live at FIFA tournaments, including the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 and the FIFA Club World Cup 2021. During these matches, the new technology was able to assist video match officials by assisting them in making more precise and reproducible offside rulings in less time.

2026 FIFA World Cup

michael discenza 5omwAMDxmkU unsplash
Photo by Michael Discenza on Unsplash

Following the cities’ joint candidacy for the job, the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) announced that New York and New Jersey had been selected as hosts of the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The elite of the sport will play games at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford. What a thrill!

“The world’s largest sports event is coming to the world’s grandest stage, and New York City cannot wait to welcome the world to our region,” Mayor Eric Adams said in an official statement. “Not only will the World Cup improve our economy, but it will also promote FIFA and the sport of soccer to all of America.”

City residents may also expect the two towns to host FIFA Fan Fest locations throughout the region, while potential training facilities include Rutgers University, The Pingry School, Kean University, Red Bull Football Club Training Facility, and New York City Football Club Training Facility.

Although this isn’t the first time the World Cup has been held on American soil (Giant Stadium hosted seven men’s league games in 1994 and the first match of the women’s league in 1999), it’s evident that this is huge news in the aftermath of a deadly pandemic.

Other U.S. cities and NFL stadiums are scheduled to host games in the 2026 tournament. They are: 

  • Atlanta, Georgia – Mercedes-Benz Stadium
  • Houston, Texas – NRG Stadium
  • Miami, Florida – Hard Rock Stadium
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Lincoln Financial Field
  • Seattle, Washington – Lumen Field
  • Kansas City, Missouri – Arrowhead Stadium
  • Arlington, Texas – AT&T Stadium
  • Foxborough, Massachusetts – Gillette Stadium
  • Inglewood, California – SoFi Stadium
  • Santa Clara, California – Levi Stadium

This past weekend, major sites and stadiums throughout all five boroughs of New York City and the state of New Jersey were lighted up with messages of celebration.

We understand that there is still a long way to go, but mark your calendars: when will FIFA World Cup 2026 be held? The 23rd FIFA World Cup will begin on June 8, 2026.

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