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Top 6 Best Marketing News Website You Should Bookmark Right Now

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marketing news
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Are you a marketing enthusiast who can’t seem to find beneficial websites where you can learn more about marketing news advertising and campaigns and gain insights into how to be more creative when executing a marketing strategy in your workplace? Don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of the 6 best marketing news and updates websites that you should bookmark right now.

Even with the simpler and more enjoyable ways of getting the news nowadays, many today still struggle to keep up. Few people in the marketing sector keep up with the newest news, whether out of choice, an imbalance between their everyday lives, their workload, or a lack of time force them to not be updated to the daily trend.

They occasionally have trouble locating the best marketing news websites that can enlighten them on the constantly occurring events in the marketing industry without giving them a headache trying to locate the resources where they will get that knowledge. And marketers definitely need to stay current in order to be assured that they will be ahead of the curve and outperform the competition.

Why is reading marketing news important?

They tie the performance to the recent business news and market conditions. Keeping up with breaking news as it happens is helpful. If you read the newspaper every day (from the sources that I listed below), you’ll be better able to form thoughts about current events and more likely to be ready if a global market disaster directly affects your life. You can build an open and critical mind by reading the news. You may slow down ageing (not kidding, “learning is truly the only way to grow isn’t?”) and learn something new every day by reading the news. With that let’s hop on to the list right away.


PR daily

PR daily is a large news feed covering marketing story website from around the world. They frequently share marketing analysis written by bloggers, hobbyists, and specialists. I only read the marketing portion because it is what I am most interested in.


AD week

Adweek offers you news about the latest developments around the world from a marketing perspective, with a special focus on advertising news. If you prefer not to read, it also has a Podcasts part that does an excellent job. I only wish it was updated more frequently.


marketing dive

Marketing Dive publishes in-depth reporting on the most important stories affecting the marketing business. Where Social media, video marketing, mobile, data and analytics, technology, and other issues are covered.



One of my favourite places to obtain the latest marketing news from across the world. Excellent user experience, high-quality material, and hand-picked pieces delivered to your inbox if you subscribe. It has some of the best non region specific content on the web.


ethical marketing news

EMN is a news resource website to highlight ethical marketing projects and information. It’s No 1 resource for ethical marketing content, you can read blogs and listen to various podcast present on the website for free.


ad exchanger

This website uses data and other methods to analyse news articles and advertising efforts. You will never obtain flimsy stuff from it. Instead, you will always get substantial fact-based insights. It also has it’s own podcast section which is quite remarkable.

I hope these websites will assist you in staying up to date on the latest marketing news and trends this year. These are quite useful websites, and whenever I need to know what’s new in the marketing field, I look through them and am always informed. And I promise they’ll help you too.

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